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On My Honor I will do my Best....

I find it amusing that recently on Glenn Beck he has been promoting a return to honor in this country. The one and only email I ever sent the man was a little over a year and a half ago regarding this very thing. I actually wrote and said: Wouldn't it nice if all politicians were required to live by the Boy Scout Oath?

On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God and my country
To help other people at all times
and obey the scout law.

The Scout Law includes such things as being trustworthy, loyal, kind, thrifty (now that would be something for a politician!) and reverent. In truth, it seems most of our elected officials are the polar opposite of all these attributes.

In my own life the pillar of honor is one of the most important ones I live by. Just as in politics my proving stone is Liberty, my proving stone in my everyday life and my dealings with human beings is Honor. Is this an honorable thing to do? Am I behaving with honor? I have found that the more I use honor as my guide, the less likely it is that I have doubts about my behavior, and there are fewer instances where I must explain myself to others. Living an honorable life has many advantages. It is an ethical way to live.

Building the temple that is me is a life long process, and sometimes I do find myself destroying a part to rebuild it. But my foundation is sound. It has been tested many times.

So now, once and for all and for the last time, as I restart my journal, I have explained the prism through which I view life, and we continue from this starting point.

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