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I have not written in this blog for almost a year. Part of that is because I have always tended to do my journal writing the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper, and another part of that is because I just feel that what I have to say at this late stage in the game is not of interest to the world.

Then again, the web went through a crazy wild ride of change again, when social media swept through and gathered us all up in a whirlwind of twitter, facebook, youtube and other connected stuff. As always with such things I had great hopes about it, but they were dashed pretty quickly this time as I realized that the idiots of the world would alas, again unite to ruin any good that might come if we all just got together somehow and had a big pow-wow.

Also, it gets kind of creepy sometime, to see how much of who you are is easily known because we have raised up a generation who throw away personal freedom hand and fist for the good of the collective. The unthinking masses who dribble out the pablum of political thought bestowed upon them by the ever present talking electronic boxes in our lives is disconcerting and worrisome, and reminds me of those who would follow the instructions of the people at the train station who tell them they are just being relocated...place you bags over there.


Times are changing fast, and my feeling is that for lack of good reasoning skills and critical thinking we are doomed. Too many have drank the koolaid. Soon we shall stand amidst the corpses and ask ourselves how this happened?

Written originally in 1909 By Florence Huntley (writing under the pseudonym "TK") in a book called "The Great Work"

"The material prosperity of a nation or a people, when it rises to a certain point, seems of itself to develop a subtle poison whose cumulative effects will, in due time, manifest themselves physiologically within the body politic. First comes the spirit of selfishness, then the desire for power, then the struggle for place, then the struggle for wealth, then the practice of dishonesty, then the oppression and suppression of the weak, then the protest of the injured, then the internecine strife, then the final struggle for existence, and in the end, spiritual darkness and national death."

We are close, so very close to National Death.

Annoying the Pig

This weekend, actually yesterday, a "friend" that I have known on Youtube posted the following article from the Washington Post to Facebook:

"What Will Future Generations Condemn Us For?" By Kwame Anthony Appiah

From the first paragraph, it was apparent to me that I was about to read a "Blame the USA for all the world's ills" disquised, none-too-obliquely as a pseudo-intellectual diatribe by an yet another left-leaning Ivy League jackass. I was not disappointed. I am not sure why he bothers to even ask the question in the title of the article since he and most of the rest of those on the Far Left of the political spectrum are doing a fine job condemning the US in the current generation.

What set me off is that almost everything he describes in the first paragraph is still currently going on in many of the countries in the world, and yet the USA is to be condemned because we reformed ourselves from these ills. In the mind of the left there is no forgiveness for past sins of a nation, but only continual self-flagellation, especially if the country involved is the United States.

I usually just let these things slide from my "friends" on the left, because my philosophy is that the truth is only known by personal discovery, epiphany, or revelation, and you cannot force someone to accept the truth until it is a part of their own personal experience. Truth is recognized more than it is learned. I have for the most part stood in silence waiting on the conversion moment. For intelligent people, who think things through, and are not hypnotized by the shiny sparkly media talking heads, those that take the time for introspection and evaluation of their own beliefs, there is that moment. For some, they are so used to the political pablum being fed to them that they are nothing more than a kind of "pod" ala "invasion of the body snatchers", and swallow the entire lie and live a lie and die in ignorance.

When I was young, (in the good old days of the 60's and 70's) I argued with these people. But over time I found that it truly was like casting pearls before swine, and in the end every argument that began in what I thought was intelligent debate, digressed into insults slung at me in an effort to shut me up. So, for years I was silent. Or I would speak in whispers with like minded people in the corners of rooms as the Left in screeching bellows took center stage deriding, dividing and delirious. Unfortunately, my silence was interpreted as agreement, and assumptions were made that I was "one of them". When in fact my heart was breaking as I watched the America I knew, the America I loved, slowly be destroyed from within by people who knew more about some drunken starlet in Hollywood than about the greatness of the nation they live in.

I still do not have the time or inclination or patience to sit and slowly explain what should be as plain as the nose on their faces, because to tell the truth, if they are not awake yet, they are not going to be awake. They have no personal curiosity and would rather parrot the lines they are given. It is like wearing a ribbon in support of some cause. (Something the left is very fond of...colored ribbons). It is easier to just wear a color of the week ribbon to show you are the "caring one", then to get up, get out, and actually DO something. Wearing a ribbon makes it feel like you are doing something, when in fact it is nothing but a little "feel good button."

But no more will I tolerate these people into my inner circle of friends. My own silence lo, these many years was brought on by their intolerance of me, so they can take their toys and go elsewhere. Come see me when you grow up and put away those childish things.
Last night it was reported in the American media that the last of our combat troops left Iraq, although US Military sources state that it is part of the reorganization, and that in truth, there are still some there, just not a full brigade. In addition 56,0000 non-combat troops remain. Although my heart is lifted and happy for the boys who will soon return home, I will save my celebration for the day all of them are home safe.
For almost two years now I have not felt so much like an American Citizen, but keep having flashbacks to my childhood, when the bullies at school would pick on me and call me names. I can direct you to the moment when the straw fell on my back:

It was September 30, 2008

It was TARP that started it all. To a conservative there is something deeply wrong with "Too Big To Fail". Something deeply wrong with not failing or succeeding on your own merit. TARP was the last straw, and it only got worse with the introduction of the Hopey Changey America Hating president.

I did not vote for him, but I hoped, yes I HOPED he would prove to be what the hype said he was. It did not take long before those slim hopes were dashed upon the edges of the cliff he drove us off.

Then the Tea Party began, and I grabbed it like a life ring, as I saw my country in deep trouble. Immediately the left came out in attacks, The speaker of the House Comrade Nancy called me a Nazi, astroturf. Members of the Hollywood left called me a racist. The media used crude obscure sexual terms to label me a "Teabagger" and with juvenile glee and Beavis and Butthead style humor slanted the news against me daily, in order to indoctrinate the masses that the Tea Party was evil! EVIL DON'T TOUCH IT!!! And the same unthinking sheep who helped put the Hopey Changey guy in office bought that, hook, line and sinker. And my heart ached for a country that has been dumbed down so much by these media types that they no longer investigate for themselves, but parrot brainlessly whatever is pablum fed them by the boob tube.

Later I became a Homophobe for not supporting gay marriage. I am a Cracker because I do not wish to have members of the Black Panthers stand at polling stations with batons in their hands intimidating white voters. And now I am an Islamophobe because I do not wish a Mosque to be built near the site of 9/11 and further hurt the families that lost their loved ones there.

And everyday I realize more and more that America is dead.

We are just afraid to bury her.

Thoughts that Keep Me Awake Nights

"Same Sex Marriage

Most everyone who knows me, knows that as a Libertarian, I personally do not believe that the State should be involved in marriage at all. 1. Marriage is considered a sacrament in the Church, and the Government has no business handing out sacraments. 2. It is one of the many ways the Government is involved entirely too deeply in our personal lives. Marriage should be left to churches. If a contract is needed for property rights, etc. Then that should be a legal contract and entered into via the courts as any contract would be, but should not be "marriage".

Redefining words and equal protection under the law. Marriage has always been defined as a Union between a Husband and a Wife. Looking up the relative definitions of Husband and wife, you find that Husband is notably male, and wife is notably female. So marriage is between a man and a woman. In order to have "Same sex marriage" you must redefine the word itself, or part of the equation of husband/wife is missing, or you must redefine all three words, marriage, husband, wife. Having said that, when it is said that Gays are denied the right to marriage and this violates the equal protection clause, this is flatly not true, because of the DEFINITION of the words. They are free to marry a person of the opposite sex, the same as anyone else. THEY choose not to abide by the LETTER of the law by trying to redefine words contained within to suit themselves. Oh, that we could just do that with all our laws, then nothing would be illegal, because then we could just exclaim that my definition for that word is not the same as the writer of the law, and voila! Get out of jail free card! Imagine for a moment that for some reason it is deemed a RIGHT that you are given a can of peas at birth. If you ask for a can of corn instead, you are denied it, of course, because a can of peas is the only thing you were guaranteed. You cannot claim then that it violates the equal protection clause because you did not get your can of corn.

Walls and Bridges

An old friend (should I really call him a friend? We knew each other and talked a lot, but in the end, I let the communication between us dissolve into memory, primarily because he constantly insulted me in a passive aggressive covert way, so he could not be pinned down on anything and could feign innocence, a trait I dislike in ALL people who practice it.) In any case, this person from my past found me on Facebook, and is my way, "The Queen of Second Chances" I allowed the conversation to go on, albeit only in my private message box, as I immediately told him that I would not friend him because my politics would irritate him, and I did not wish to argue with Liberals any longer. Yes, the man is a flaming liberal, believing all the lies that entails. At first the conversation was pleasant enough, with a how ya doing kind of casualness, but then the insults started, and I told him to be happy with the lovely wall he has built and by all means continue to festoon it with his demeaning phrases and condescending diatribes. I did not care to breach it any longer. The other side was not as green as I was led to believe.

That wall. That damn wall they build! As fond as they are of the whole "building bridges" analogy, what they build is walls. Or bridges to nowhere. Bridges that make you want to leap off.

The first brick in the wall is the "Silence Brick". Or the "Shut up". Used so often by the left it really is a cornerstone in communicating with them. If they cannot shout you down or talk over you, they will belittle and mock you into silence.

The second brick is the "Regurgitate Brick". Just keep throwing the same phrase over and over, or bringing up some point from the past and throwing that up in your face over and over again.

The third brick is the "Belittling Brick". They attack your self esteem while trying to elevate their own, with chiding insults. If they can make you doubt your self worth, they can then make your argument worthless as well.

Brick by brick they always build the wall, and I have no interest any longer in even trying to scale it.
So I have been in a blue funk the last couple days because of an incident with my neighbor. Some background is necessary here and I may meander a bit, but you are used to that, aren't you faithful reader?

Three years now I have had to deal with the fact that my new (not so new now) and terminally ignorant neighbors insist, like most ignorant people, on allowing their cat outdoors. When they first moved here, I had a friendly discussion with the owner of said cat about the cruelty of having a pet that you allow, because it meows and demands it, to stalk the neighborhood. Cats are not like dogs, they do not poop in the yard, but instead find the softest and most wonderful of dirt to scratch and then deposit their most rank of smelly offerings. This is generally the most well tended garden in the neighborhood, because good gardeners love good dirt. There is also the cruelty that the cat will inevitably capture and eat birds, get ticks and fleas, and thereby get diseases that could cause a long and painful illness to the cat, not to mention pass some of these on to their owners, and if the owner happens to be pregnant, some of those diseases are passed on to fetus and cause irrepairable damage. (see Toxoplasmosis , Ringworm, Bartonellosis) There is the fact that most cats who prowl get into fights and are injured, sometimes severely, They are chased by dogs and people, and eventually even the kindest of cats that was let out by an idiot owner because of a persistent meow is now the owner of a fearful, flea and disease infested PEST of the neighborhood.)

In the end it is about responsibility. When you own a pet you take on a responsibility not only to the animal, but to your neighbors, to control that pet.

For three years I have asked the neighbors in the most polite way I can, to control their animal. I have made it clear that their animal is not welcome in my yard and I do not appreciate them putting ME at a health risk because they insist on letting the cat out into the neighborhood because they are annoyed by the cat's meowing. If you do not wish to tolerate meowing, I would suggest you would not make a good cat owner.

Let me also explain that these neighbors are young, and are part of that whole crowd I try to avoid: The drunk and disorderly, wife beating, drug selling type. My neighbor has had to replace his front door 3 times from it being kicked in. His mailbox is permanently dented. His car loses an inordinate amount of back windows. I have cleaned up the contents of a purse in my yard, which was dropped there during a chasing, running, girlfriend beating late night fight. This same girlfriend showed up at my door one night stinking of alcohol, with bruised and reddened face and arms, having just come from a severe beating by "Tommy" the owner of the house, in fear of her life and looking for a way out. She was almost too drunk to speak, let alone think clearly, and I allowed her to use of my phone (all the while fearing "Tommy"" would come over and destroy MY front door, or worse.)

She was gone for a while, this girlfriend, (her name is Heather) but recently she returned, and I am the friendly type, I prefer my life drama-free, and she looked like she had straightened her life out some, she was not drunk every day, and she had gained weight, so perhaps she was off the crack, I do not know. Tommy had got a male roommate, and was tending his yard more, so perhaps he, too, had gotten off the drugs.
Hope springs eternal.

So the other night they came over (Tommy and Heather) and wanted to see my hard wood floors, apparently they are in the process of repairing theirs, only theirs are not in the same shape mine are, (which I told them before they removed the carpet they were not, as I saw them when a previous neighbor lived there and had the carpet replaced.) In any case they came in, and then Heather wanted Tommy to see the garden, which he had never seen. Men do not, as a general rule enjoy gardens, especially not the "oh so manly macho girlfriend beating" kind of men, and most especially a garden that is almost devoid of nice mowable grass, and lots of overgrown places meant to secure and hide birds being stalked by a wayward neighborhood cat. At some point in the walk in the garden (after listening to 15 minutes of ignorance of the earth and the way things grow being chattered by the chatterbox that is Heather) Heather laughed and said: "I hope my cat is not bothering you much anymore..." And I said, bluntly: "I hate your cat." and I laughingly added: "Someday I will get a .22 and shoot that cat." At which point Tommy's fire temper shot off and he stomped out of the yard. I said to Heather: "Did he get mad about that?" And she said "Yes." and then proceeded to run after him. I followed.

I found him on his own porch, having a screaming fit, and he began to scream at me, telling me that my dog poops in his yard, and if he saw it again he would sic his pit bull on it. I said: Feel Free to do that, Tommy. (knowing full well my dog runs to the front door of the house when chased) Also knowing that chihuahua turds are about the size of a bullfrog poop and harden in hours in the sun, so they are actually almost undetectable. I know. My dog poops most often in MY yard, and the size of the dog is proportionate to the size of the poop. One thing I consider when deciding on a pet.

So, after this Tommy's conniption fit continued, I went inside but could hear him, and to be honest, having been witness to his propensity for beating up girlfriends and wives that he supposedly had affection for, I would not put it past his type to hit an old woman who just happened to be his neighbor. At some point his anger was released upon the compost heap I created between our two houses, (The dirt there is greatly compacted and composed mostly of clay) and to the manly macho wife beating earth ignorant neighbor, I explained to him and showed him the damage being caused to the foundation of both of our houses (slab foundations) from too much water run off, and that the soil here needed some additives to allow the water to soak in and not run off the packed clay. In any case, now the neat row of compost between the house was an irritant to his enraged mind, and he proceeded to toss it onto my sidewalk and my house and then, that was not enough for his blind rage, he decided my snowball bush was a good general offender of all that is cat shit loving, and screamed at the top of his lungs: "And here is what you can do with your FUCKING FLOWERS!" as he dumped an especially large and heavy heap of the compost on top of the cat-shit stunted shrub. (I have nursed the shrub, the 3rd I have had to purchase, for some time. It should be six feet tall by now, but alas, the cat kills a part of it off every year, so it is a scant 2 feet.) "Where a cat goes, nothing grows."

Hearing all this commotion from the safety of my house, and knowing that at this point private property was being destroyed and not knowing how far this maniac would take it, I decided, as most law abiding citizens would, to call those who "protect and serve"-- The Oklahoma City Police. I waited for them to arrive, and the Tommy-bomb noise subsided, so I went out my back door to survey the damage, and begin the clean up (and calm my frazzled nerves) before it got dark.

I have not had many interactions with the police as an adult, (my wayward youth is another story) so I was ill-prepared for the kind of ego-driven antagonistic attitude that seems to be prevalent in the Oklahoma City Police Force. Apparently, like most public servants nowadays, they have forgotten the word "servant". The first officer who arrived was immediately condescending and rude in his manner, treating me as if I was a criminal for merely calling the police, and then speaking to me all of five minutes on my driveway, as Tommy screamed at us from his porch. Apparently it is common police procedure, that the wheel that squeaks gets the most grease, and is, apparently in the right, as he left me there in the drive and walked over to talk to the now screaming Tommy, joined by a chattering Heather, as I continued to try to clean up the mess to my property. Two other officers arrived, one a female, and both went over and proceeded to speak only to the ballistic neighbors as I ignored the conversation (I am not one to eavesdrop, besides, I felt I was in the right--- Not So! I would learn later.) One police officer returned to me, and I was actually beginning to feel chest pains from the anxiety and said as much, and he admonished me to stop raking and sweeping. I could not, as the light was dimming, and I would not have the mess left until morning and besides it was the work that was calming my nerves. (although he did not know this, nor did he care.) He said: "You know it is against the law to kill a cat." I said "Yes, I am aware that in Oklahoma City you are not allowed to kill cats who stray on your yard. It is a stupid law. Tell me, am I allowed to trap them and call Animal Control to come get them?" "No, you cannot trap them." he replied. "But if if were a raccoon or a coyote, then I could trap it, correct?" "Yes, if it were a raccoon or coyote, you could trap it." "I see. So what if I do not know it is a cat, but suspect a raccoon, and got the cat, what then." He was obviously tired of my line of reasoning, because it is, of course REASONABLE and so he turned to the more interesting conversation of Tommy-Bomb and Heather-Chatter taking place on the porch next door.

Then apparently some great and wonderful FACTS OF THE CASE had come out of the ranting neighbors and the female officer came over to question me. (I had returned to my sweeping at this point.) Her first question for me, had nothing whatsover to do with what had occurred in my yard, but had everything to do with (for any thinking person that is, but I had already come to the conclusion that this episode in the continuing adventure that is: MY LIFE was going to be one of "authoritarian control over the mindless masses" of which I have had plenty, and is one of the causes of my taking up the banner of personal liberty and libertarianism, but I digress) It had everything to do with someone who listens to the chatterings of chatterboxes who chatter when they are trapped like rats, the great manipulation by distortion lies and innuendo that people with STRAC uniforms and Shiny FBI Shoes are so very keen on. Miss Shiny FBI Shoes Cop asked me (as her first question of great relevance) "What medications are you on?" I looked up from my sweeping a bit stunned, to be honest, and a bit breathless, again from great anxiety (and fear for my life, but apparently that is of no great importance to the "Protect and Serve crowd, given there was a Stray Cat's life in danger, by the likes of me, the garden-lady with a broom.) "Pardon me?" I said quietly (quiet because I found suddenly that breathing and speaking loudly could not currently be accomplished) "I KNOW you can speak louder than THAT!" The Shiny FBI Shoes cop said now with a condescending tone and threatening manner. (I wondered for a moment if her threatening tone was practiced in compensation for her gender in a mostly male profession) "What MEDICATIONS are you on??!" She said and stepped towards me and raised herself to her full height in some asinine attempt, I suppose to tower over me so I did not question her AUTHORITY to suddenly ask about my medications. "I am on high blood pressure medications." I said again, breathlessly, and realized at that moment that if I fell to the ground in a heart attack, these three uniformed and oh-so-powerful folks who now had in their reach the apprehension of the DREADED CAT THREATENER OF OKLAHOMA CITY would probably let me lay there as they scribbled rapidly in their notebooks with their 9 dollar tax payer paid for pens."What OTHER medications are you on???" She almost screeched, as I continued to sweep up the mess made by my neighbor (which they were handily ignoring, afterall it is just dirt and leaves, nothing to see here, move along folks) I looked at her again, and paused with puzzlement. "I am on high blood pressure medication." And at that moment....that HISTORICAL and WORLD SHATTERING moment, a small sweep of the broom spread some of that harmless leaf and dirt clutter on Miss Shiny FBI shoe's ....shoes, and that was when she lost it. She looked down at the offending dust on her shoes (nevermind that I had been raking and sweeping it away from my house for the better part of an hour while they got all the information they needed from the neighbor with the cat who is threatened.) But now it was IMPORTANT. The dust on her shoes. I have never seen so much hatred spill from a woman's eyes (and trust me, as a 53 year old woman I have had much female hate signifyin' thrown in my general direction) in my life. "YOU are pushing it, lady!" She spat at me. And I realized that this woman, in fact these three cops who I had called for my protection were prepared to arrest me for dust on shiny shoes, that whatever had transpired with my drug dealer neighbors, I was now the enemy, and I said calmly: " I no longer have any complaint, and revoke your right to be on my property, until you find just cause and a warrant to be here, then I would like you to leave." And I turned my libertarian butt around and entered my house.

Later I tried to talk to a supervisor, but was told on the phone that it was my own fault for "threatening to discharge a firearm". No supervisor ever spoke to me. I called three times. My plan is to go and get the police report, find out the names of these three officers and report them. Not that I believe it will do any good. File 13 is a very large file.

The moral of all of this is that you can shoot your neighbor, but you cannot even threaten to shoot your neighbor's cat. If my neighbor even sets foot on my property I will tell them only once that I feel threatened by them on my property and then they will feel the sting of a full blast of shot from a shotgun that is my only defense since the Oklahoma City Police cannot even protect me from the cat who has more rights than I do.

Wonderwood Update Spring 2010

The Daffodils are long gone, most of the front gardens have been raked out. I still need to work some on the mound under the Elder Elm, mostly to get grass away from the Iris which will be sending up blooms soon. All of the plants have made their way outside to their places on the porch and patio. I lost two cacti this year, but it was expected, I had nursed them for a year, after they both were exposed to a winter biting wind coming through a window I had not shut completely, and although I tried, they just would not come back from it. I had transplanted some of the Jade from the mother plant, and those did well over winter.

My Robins have decided the Arbor that is the entry to my front porch is perfect for nesting, and I am hoping it succeeds. It is pretty much completely built, and this morning Margo (as I have named her) brought in some softer materials to pad and finish off the cup of the nest. Here is a good simple site that talks about the American Robin. I have brought the Red Ryder BB gun into the house from the garage and reloaded it to shoot any cats that get too close. I also planted some Barberry in this one planter which he neighbor cat is fond of using as a litter box. May his butt be filled with splinters should he try it again. At one point I wanted to grab some of the prickly-pear cactus that grows wild by the side of the road in so many places, but seems we never do stop to grab some, so I guess Barberry will have to do.

I have been spreading some clover seed in the front where the plumbers left me a line of bare dirt from the pipe replacement this winter. Some repair will have to be made to the front bed, and I have plans to make a kind of dry creek bed with small holding pond to drain the water away from the house when it rains.

The patio out back has been cleaned and I have done some weed whacking out there, and hope if it warms some I will get out and finish up that today. The Apple trees, crabapples and quince are blooming right now. Both peach trees did well over winter this year. The blackberry vines are vigorously taking over the tree fall in the way back.

I discovered an interesting thing I did not know about my favorite bird: The black cap chickadee. The cardinals are very good about scolding me until I put out the sprinkler out so they can take a shower, as they prefer a shower rather than a bath in the birdbath. Well, apparently the same is true for the chickadees, as once I had set out the sprinkler for the cardinal, the chickadees came down, calling to their mates to come and enjoy a fresh shower.

I also discovered that Margo (the Robin) actually soaked in the birdbath without splashing for a while, when her breast was especially caked with mud from building the nest.

We have a chance for storms this evening. It feels like tornado weather.

On My Honor I will do my Best....

I find it amusing that recently on Glenn Beck he has been promoting a return to honor in this country. The one and only email I ever sent the man was a little over a year and a half ago regarding this very thing. I actually wrote and said: Wouldn't it nice if all politicians were required to live by the Boy Scout Oath?

On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God and my country
To help other people at all times
and obey the scout law.

The Scout Law includes such things as being trustworthy, loyal, kind, thrifty (now that would be something for a politician!) and reverent. In truth, it seems most of our elected officials are the polar opposite of all these attributes.

In my own life the pillar of honor is one of the most important ones I live by. Just as in politics my proving stone is Liberty, my proving stone in my everyday life and my dealings with human beings is Honor. Is this an honorable thing to do? Am I behaving with honor? I have found that the more I use honor as my guide, the less likely it is that I have doubts about my behavior, and there are fewer instances where I must explain myself to others. Living an honorable life has many advantages. It is an ethical way to live.

Building the temple that is me is a life long process, and sometimes I do find myself destroying a part to rebuild it. But my foundation is sound. It has been tested many times.

So now, once and for all and for the last time, as I restart my journal, I have explained the prism through which I view life, and we continue from this starting point.

Denying Evil Creates False Utopias

I said I would speak of Evil next, so here I am pondering how to even begin.

In our innocence, as children, we cannot comprehend evil as anything worse than the boogey-man in our closet. And the boogey-man goes away eventually, and for most is replaced by a knowledge of true evil. Some, like me retain their innocence with great stubbornness, until confronted face to face with evil.


From The Oklahoma Journal, Jan 30, 1974:

By Mike Blake
Of the Journal Staff

A 17 year old hitchhiker who said she accepted a ride from a stranger because she has faith in people told police Tuesday evening the man drove her to his eastside apartment, beat her and raped her.

The victim was able to record the license number of her assailant's car, leading to the arrest of a 22 year old man who claimed the girl sold herself to him for $1.

Patrolman John Windle said he met the victim at NW 23 and Broadway early Tuesday evening only moments after the suspect had forced her out of his car following the alleged attack. Windle and officers Steve Pachero and Jim Story later arrested Chester Lee Williams, 136 NE 7, at his custodian's job at the Oklahoma Welfare Department and booked him on suspicion of rape.

Windle said the girl told him she was hitchiking about 3 pm and accepted a ride from Williams at NW 24th and Classen. "She said she had a hippie philosophy that people are nice and you can trust them." Windle said. "I don't think she still feels that way."

The girl said she asked Williams for a ride to NW 16 and Classen, but that during the trip she mentioned she was planning to move. She said Williams repeatedly offered to show her an apartment adjoining his, but she declined. "Well, I'm going to show you my apartment, anyway." she quoted the man as saying. The girl told the officer Williams drove her to his residence and took her inside. She said she told him again that she was not interested in the apartment and asked to be allowed to leave.

She said he slugged her in the jaw twice and then threw her on the bed and raped her. Windle said. He said the girl told him Williams then allowed her to dress and drove her to NW 23 and Broadway where he told her "Get out of the Car." She walked to a nearby phone after obtaining the tag number, called police and Williams was arrested shortly thereafter.

The officers said Williams admitted picking up the girl and having intercourse with her but he claimed she offered to have intercourse for $1.

The Victim was examined at University Hospital Windle said where doctors found bruises on her face and evidence of recent forcible rape.


Some, who believe in the Romantic Utopia, where there is Peace and Light and all is good, if only, if only....ultimately must answer for unmitigated evil and the truth that some men choose evil and will never be dissuaded from it.

One merely has to repeat these names: Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Nero... To know that there are forces of evil that guide some men's lives, and it has been such since the beginning of mankind. To hold on to the mistaken belief that we can wish evil away, or "rehabilitate" evil men is the irrational and delusional ideation of children.

It is because we must confront evil that my "peacenik hippie" inner child is tempered with a strong dose of reality.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke (1729- 1727)

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