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Denying Evil Creates False Utopias

I said I would speak of Evil next, so here I am pondering how to even begin.

In our innocence, as children, we cannot comprehend evil as anything worse than the boogey-man in our closet. And the boogey-man goes away eventually, and for most is replaced by a knowledge of true evil. Some, like me retain their innocence with great stubbornness, until confronted face to face with evil.


From The Oklahoma Journal, Jan 30, 1974:

By Mike Blake
Of the Journal Staff

A 17 year old hitchhiker who said she accepted a ride from a stranger because she has faith in people told police Tuesday evening the man drove her to his eastside apartment, beat her and raped her.

The victim was able to record the license number of her assailant's car, leading to the arrest of a 22 year old man who claimed the girl sold herself to him for $1.

Patrolman John Windle said he met the victim at NW 23 and Broadway early Tuesday evening only moments after the suspect had forced her out of his car following the alleged attack. Windle and officers Steve Pachero and Jim Story later arrested Chester Lee Williams, 136 NE 7, at his custodian's job at the Oklahoma Welfare Department and booked him on suspicion of rape.

Windle said the girl told him she was hitchiking about 3 pm and accepted a ride from Williams at NW 24th and Classen. "She said she had a hippie philosophy that people are nice and you can trust them." Windle said. "I don't think she still feels that way."

The girl said she asked Williams for a ride to NW 16 and Classen, but that during the trip she mentioned she was planning to move. She said Williams repeatedly offered to show her an apartment adjoining his, but she declined. "Well, I'm going to show you my apartment, anyway." she quoted the man as saying. The girl told the officer Williams drove her to his residence and took her inside. She said she told him again that she was not interested in the apartment and asked to be allowed to leave.

She said he slugged her in the jaw twice and then threw her on the bed and raped her. Windle said. He said the girl told him Williams then allowed her to dress and drove her to NW 23 and Broadway where he told her "Get out of the Car." She walked to a nearby phone after obtaining the tag number, called police and Williams was arrested shortly thereafter.

The officers said Williams admitted picking up the girl and having intercourse with her but he claimed she offered to have intercourse for $1.

The Victim was examined at University Hospital Windle said where doctors found bruises on her face and evidence of recent forcible rape.


Some, who believe in the Romantic Utopia, where there is Peace and Light and all is good, if only, if only....ultimately must answer for unmitigated evil and the truth that some men choose evil and will never be dissuaded from it.

One merely has to repeat these names: Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Nero... To know that there are forces of evil that guide some men's lives, and it has been such since the beginning of mankind. To hold on to the mistaken belief that we can wish evil away, or "rehabilitate" evil men is the irrational and delusional ideation of children.

It is because we must confront evil that my "peacenik hippie" inner child is tempered with a strong dose of reality.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke (1729- 1727)

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