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Wonderwood Update Spring 2010

The Daffodils are long gone, most of the front gardens have been raked out. I still need to work some on the mound under the Elder Elm, mostly to get grass away from the Iris which will be sending up blooms soon. All of the plants have made their way outside to their places on the porch and patio. I lost two cacti this year, but it was expected, I had nursed them for a year, after they both were exposed to a winter biting wind coming through a window I had not shut completely, and although I tried, they just would not come back from it. I had transplanted some of the Jade from the mother plant, and those did well over winter.

My Robins have decided the Arbor that is the entry to my front porch is perfect for nesting, and I am hoping it succeeds. It is pretty much completely built, and this morning Margo (as I have named her) brought in some softer materials to pad and finish off the cup of the nest. Here is a good simple site that talks about the American Robin. I have brought the Red Ryder BB gun into the house from the garage and reloaded it to shoot any cats that get too close. I also planted some Barberry in this one planter which he neighbor cat is fond of using as a litter box. May his butt be filled with splinters should he try it again. At one point I wanted to grab some of the prickly-pear cactus that grows wild by the side of the road in so many places, but seems we never do stop to grab some, so I guess Barberry will have to do.

I have been spreading some clover seed in the front where the plumbers left me a line of bare dirt from the pipe replacement this winter. Some repair will have to be made to the front bed, and I have plans to make a kind of dry creek bed with small holding pond to drain the water away from the house when it rains.

The patio out back has been cleaned and I have done some weed whacking out there, and hope if it warms some I will get out and finish up that today. The Apple trees, crabapples and quince are blooming right now. Both peach trees did well over winter this year. The blackberry vines are vigorously taking over the tree fall in the way back.

I discovered an interesting thing I did not know about my favorite bird: The black cap chickadee. The cardinals are very good about scolding me until I put out the sprinkler out so they can take a shower, as they prefer a shower rather than a bath in the birdbath. Well, apparently the same is true for the chickadees, as once I had set out the sprinkler for the cardinal, the chickadees came down, calling to their mates to come and enjoy a fresh shower.

I also discovered that Margo (the Robin) actually soaked in the birdbath without splashing for a while, when her breast was especially caked with mud from building the nest.

We have a chance for storms this evening. It feels like tornado weather.

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