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For almost two years now I have not felt so much like an American Citizen, but keep having flashbacks to my childhood, when the bullies at school would pick on me and call me names. I can direct you to the moment when the straw fell on my back:

It was September 30, 2008

It was TARP that started it all. To a conservative there is something deeply wrong with "Too Big To Fail". Something deeply wrong with not failing or succeeding on your own merit. TARP was the last straw, and it only got worse with the introduction of the Hopey Changey America Hating president.

I did not vote for him, but I hoped, yes I HOPED he would prove to be what the hype said he was. It did not take long before those slim hopes were dashed upon the edges of the cliff he drove us off.

Then the Tea Party began, and I grabbed it like a life ring, as I saw my country in deep trouble. Immediately the left came out in attacks, The speaker of the House Comrade Nancy called me a Nazi, astroturf. Members of the Hollywood left called me a racist. The media used crude obscure sexual terms to label me a "Teabagger" and with juvenile glee and Beavis and Butthead style humor slanted the news against me daily, in order to indoctrinate the masses that the Tea Party was evil! EVIL DON'T TOUCH IT!!! And the same unthinking sheep who helped put the Hopey Changey guy in office bought that, hook, line and sinker. And my heart ached for a country that has been dumbed down so much by these media types that they no longer investigate for themselves, but parrot brainlessly whatever is pablum fed them by the boob tube.

Later I became a Homophobe for not supporting gay marriage. I am a Cracker because I do not wish to have members of the Black Panthers stand at polling stations with batons in their hands intimidating white voters. And now I am an Islamophobe because I do not wish a Mosque to be built near the site of 9/11 and further hurt the families that lost their loved ones there.

And everyday I realize more and more that America is dead.

We are just afraid to bury her.


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Aug. 18th, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
Nalora you have a way with words that I only can dream of having. Yes Yes Yes, you are so right!!! America is dead and I am afraid what the future holds.

Just want to say too, I don't know why you haven't written a book yet. Girlfriend, you have the talent!! It's a gift that only a few have. Please consider writing someday :)

Love you
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