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I have not written in this blog for almost a year. Part of that is because I have always tended to do my journal writing the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper, and another part of that is because I just feel that what I have to say at this late stage in the game is not of interest to the world.

Then again, the web went through a crazy wild ride of change again, when social media swept through and gathered us all up in a whirlwind of twitter, facebook, youtube and other connected stuff. As always with such things I had great hopes about it, but they were dashed pretty quickly this time as I realized that the idiots of the world would alas, again unite to ruin any good that might come if we all just got together somehow and had a big pow-wow.

Also, it gets kind of creepy sometime, to see how much of who you are is easily known because we have raised up a generation who throw away personal freedom hand and fist for the good of the collective. The unthinking masses who dribble out the pablum of political thought bestowed upon them by the ever present talking electronic boxes in our lives is disconcerting and worrisome, and reminds me of those who would follow the instructions of the people at the train station who tell them they are just being relocated...place you bags over there.


Times are changing fast, and my feeling is that for lack of good reasoning skills and critical thinking we are doomed. Too many have drank the koolaid. Soon we shall stand amidst the corpses and ask ourselves how this happened?

Written originally in 1909 By Florence Huntley (writing under the pseudonym "TK") in a book called "The Great Work"

"The material prosperity of a nation or a people, when it rises to a certain point, seems of itself to develop a subtle poison whose cumulative effects will, in due time, manifest themselves physiologically within the body politic. First comes the spirit of selfishness, then the desire for power, then the struggle for place, then the struggle for wealth, then the practice of dishonesty, then the oppression and suppression of the weak, then the protest of the injured, then the internecine strife, then the final struggle for existence, and in the end, spiritual darkness and national death."

We are close, so very close to National Death.


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Oct. 19th, 2013 12:58 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday
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